Multifamily Operators

The multifamily market is competitive and demanding, with rising expenses and stringent regulations. AI-powered solutions will grow your business, satisfy regulators, and impress investors.

Our solutions

Optimize pricing, predict resident loyalty, measure social impact, and maximize asset values

Revenue Management


Optimize for NOI 

Offer bespoke pricing for each unit, with offers customized to each resident. 

Consider vacancy loss, churn costs, and individual residents’ chance of renewal.

Streamline workflow

Consider LEM, rent control measures, and up-to-the-minute market rents.

Master your strategy

Play offense or defense as needed for specific markets and properties, and even individual lease and renewal offers. 

Graphic of an investment team using Big Data and AI with a revenue management system
Rental Analysis


Think “RentGPT”

Consider deals faster than ever. Grow your portfolio. 

No more juggling spreadsheets, multiple data licenses, and manual data tagging.

The right platform for the right rate.

Resident Retention


Predict renewal 

Our stickiness model knows how likely each resident is to stay, so you can strategize accordingly.

Graphic of a real estate investor using AI resident renewal forecasting with Beekins revenue management system
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Since our launch in 2019, our patented technology has helped optimize over $8 billion of assets, generating alpha for our clients in the tens of millions.

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