Improve resident engagement and social impact of your properties with PRESI

What is PRESI?

PRESI (Property Resident Engagement and Social Inclusion) is a property-level score from Beekin that leverages factors such as affordability, income, resident engagement – factors that align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Through analyzing affordability and engagement, PRESI informs and benchmarks social impact and picks properties where renters stay longer, influencing investment resilience.

PRESI is a scorecard to measure properties on a portfolio level for social impact from housing. A higher PRESI score has a direct correlation to resident retention. Our PRESI ESG software solution is used in over 150,000 rental units owned by PRESI Alliance Members to keep their buildings full and residents happy.

PRESI - Multifamily and Single-Family Social Impact Measurement Tool
PRESI - Multifamily and Single-Family Social Impact Measurement Tool - Average Resident Income

How PRESI works

Beekin’s platform provides a PRESI score electronically produced using integrations with real estate data companies, property management systems, credit bureaus, and customer satisfaction data providers. PRESI requires minimal human resources, capital markets, operating partners, or asset management involvement to produce, saving hours of effort.

Save time reporting

Top-10 CRE Asset Managers rely on PRESI to connect resident data to third-party data to measure impact from their rental property and collect portfolio-wide metadata on neighborhoods they need.

PRESI helps asset managers attract residents who want socially-minded landlords, build a social inclusion strategy and see results with accurate reporting.

PRESI - Multifamily and Single-Family Social Impact Measurement Tool - Portfolio and Peer Group
PRESI - Multifamily and Single-Family Social Impact Measurement Tool - Benchmarking

Benchmark elegantly

NMHC-50 owners and managers trust PRESI for benchmarking affordability, resident engagement, and income across all housing product types.

With PRESI’s use of Beekin’s real estate intelligence platform, your organization can offer detailed demographics to capital partners. Our social impact measurement tool effortlessly provides reports for LPs, lenders, and GRESB in a fraction of the time.

Inform policy and thought leadership

The PRESI Alliance includes some of the world’s foremost experts on affordability and resident engagement. Through real estate market analytics, PRESI helps property owners inform local counties about the social impact of housing affordability.

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