LeaseMax™ is a next-generation revenue management solution for multifamily and single-family rentals

How LeaseMax works

Powered by Beekin’s AI platform, LeaseMax is pushing the boundaries of revenue management software for apartments and single-family rentals.

By aggregating property, neighborhood, resident, and trends data, LeaseMax provides optimal pricing recommendations for new leases and renewals.

LeaseMax - $56 incremental rent growth
AI Big Data


LeaseMax leverages the latest machine learning methods and alternate resident data for multifamily revenue management. AI processes multiple data points on market demand, residents’ behavior, and area trends to truly interpret the signal from the noise. Every query pulled from 15+ real estate data companies ensures you never spend time guessing again, giving you up-to-date rent rate predictions with limited reliance on competitive intelligence mining.

LeaseMax helps you in information-poor markets with little turnovers, such as – lease-ups, garden-style, and walk-ups. LeaseMax has outperformed a 14-year monolith by 150% in a side-by-side test with our AI technology.

LeaseMax - Multifamily and Single-Family Revenue Management Software - Pricing


LeaseMax helps your organization analyze current market rents quickly and uses AI to provide optimized pricing with minimal reliance on comps. Stay compliant by incorporating local rent controls and market changes.

LeaseMax - Multifamily and Single-Family Revenue Management Software - Forecasting


LeaseMax allows your organization to apply advanced machine learning and AI to generate highly-accurate revenue forecasts and determine which residents will renew based on rental pricing.

Our LeaseMax rental pricing tool offers your organization the power of AI trained on 35+ million renters, one million lease outcomes, and decades of machine learning research. Methods used by the likes of Netflix and Google, are available for the first time for single-family and multifamily.

LeaseMax - Multifamily and Single-Family Revenue Management Software - Reporting


LeaseMax offers end-to-end performance reporting for easy analysis and efficient decision-making. Easily make changes with Beekin’s intuitive workflows.

Maximize efficiency with AI

Unexpected economic changes have left companies with high employee turnover, increased costs due to remote-working, and pushed them to operate efficiently with fewer people. Asset managers are spending time on labor-intensive processes, such as calculating how to price new leases and renewals.

By implementing LeaseMax, you can save your organization time, reduce costs, and maximize revenue growth in weak or strong markets alike. Our solution allows you to automate manual tasks with intuitive workflows, saving you 60% of time spent at a lower price than leading competitors.

AI revenue management
LeaseMax - Optimize Multifamily and Single-Family Rents

Optimize rental and renewal rates

Through superior leasing and renewal rental pricing models, LeaseMax helps asset managers monitor, forecast, and optimize rental rates. Users have realized $56 more revenue per door on renewals than an industry-leading competitor.

Our next-generation revenue management system provides optimal pricing for all lease types, from month-to-month up to 36 month leases – ideal for rent-controlled markets where regulations are tight.

Stay ahead of the competition

Beekin’s platform works inside your business to help you stay ahead of your competition and deliver an 800% ROI. With superior data analytics and better demand forecasting, LeaseMax generates up to 400 bps higher NOI unlevered.

With LeaseMax’s model rules, based upon your properties and sub-markets, our platform delivers 50-80% more accurate predictions and is 150% better at optimizing rents.

LeaseMax - Multifamily and Single-Family Revenue Management Software
Revenue Management customer support

Unrivaled customer support

Customer support representatives from Beekin are world-class and will respond to tickets in under 24 hours, allowing you to spend time doing what you do best.

Ralph Pickett

What Beekin is doing, using Big Data and machine learning to improve operations, is the biggest opportunity for real estate.

Ralph Pickett, Former CEO and President of LivCor

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