LeaseMax™ is the most advanced AI-powered revenue management software for multifamily and single-family rentals

Optimize rental pricing 150% better

Rental pricing is complex, but with LeaseMax, revenue, asset, and property managers are pricing apartments and houses up to 150% better than their existing solutions. Based upon millions of lease transactions, LeaseMax’s models are constantly learning and improving to help you best optimize your rental pricing. Our lease pricing software is backed by data and proven to deliver results whether you have a few thousand units or hundreds of thousands, helping you to grow NOI by 400bps.

LeaseMax - Optimize Multifamily and Single-Family Rents
Graphic of a property manager using technology from an AI revenue management system

Supercharge forecasting with AI and Big Data

With LeaseMax’s advanced machine learning models, you can accurately forecast revenue and occupancy levels. Benefit from our AI-powered data analytics and make better, more informed decisions for your business.

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes with automation

LeaseMax is a highly scalable solution that can take the complexity out of calculating rental prices for thousands of apartments and homes. Our software centralizes revenue management, automating time-consuming manual processes and saving you up to 66% of time spent on pricing. You can focus on other aspects of your business, knowing that LeaseMax is working in the background to optimize your prices and increase revenue. No longer will your site teams need to spend countless hours entering data manually into outdated software. 

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Increase resident retention with next-gen behavioral analytics

Advanced behavioral analytics can help you to increase your resident retention. By understanding the behavior of your residents, LeaseMax can identify which residents are likely to renew their leases, helping you to strategically decide where to spend time and effort marketing. Combined with first-class price optimization, our lease renewal optimization software is able to generate significant NOI growth.

Easy to implement integrations with your existing software

LeaseMax has been designed to work seamlessly with existing products such as Yardi, RealPage, and Entrata, so you can continue to use the tools you are already familiar with. With LeaseMax’s leading price optimization and behavioral analytics, supercharge your existing toolset with the future of rental housing revenue management.

Graphic of a real estate investor using AI resident renewal forecasting with Beekins revenue management system
Graphic of an investment team using Big Data and AI with a revenue management system

Quick and simple onboarding with unrivalled customer success and support

Not only have we built LeaseMax to be easy to use, but we have also simplified the onboarding process so that you can be up and running with our software in a matter of days. The sooner you can benefit from our AI-powered pricing, the sooner you’ll be growing revenue and optimizing operations. No matter what the issue, our Customer Success team is on hand to help you make the most of our platform and achieve industry-leading results.

Industrial data security and an API-first approach - your information in your hands

We understand that our clients’ data is sensitive and confidential, and we go to great lengths to ensure it is protected. Our solutions are SOC-II compliant, meaning that we have rigorous controls in place to protect your data. We also silo our clients’ data from each other to avoid anti-competition and collusion issues. This means that you can be confident your data is safe with us.

How LeaseMax works

Powered by Beekin’s AI platform, LeaseMax is pushing the boundaries of revenue management software for apartments and single-family rentals.

By aggregating property, neighborhood, resident, and trends data, our AI revenue management software provides optimal pricing recommendations for new leases and renewals.

LeaseMax - $56 incremental rent growth


LeaseMax leverages the latest machine learning methods and alternate resident data for multifamily revenue management. Our AI processes multiple data points on market demand, residents’ behavior, and area trends to truly interpret the signal from the noise. Every query pulled from 15+ real estate data companies ensures you never spend time guessing again, giving you up-to-date rent rate predictions with limited reliance on competitive intelligence mining.

LeaseMax is even capable of helping you in information-poor markets with little turnovers, such as – lease-ups, garden-style, and walk-ups.



LeaseMax helps your organization analyze current market rents quickly and uses AI to provide optimized new lease and renewal pricing with minimal reliance on comps. Stay compliant by incorporating local rent controls and market changes.

Graphic of a property manager analyzing multifamily rental property insights using AI and big data


Our innovative strategy settings allow you to define whether you want to prioritise forward revenue and rent growth, or occupancy and renewal rate. Separate strategies can be set for each of your properties, providing you with the flexibility to truly optimize your entire protfolio.



LeaseMax allows your organization to apply advanced machine learning and AI to generate highly-accurate revenue forecasts and determine which residents will renew based on rental pricing.

Our LeaseMax rental pricing tool offers your organization the power of AI trained on 35+ million renters, one million lease outcomes, and decades of machine learning research. Methods used by the likes of Netflix and Google, are available for the first time for single-family and multifamily.

LeaseMax - Multifamily and Single-Family Revenue Management Software - Reporting


LeaseMax offers robust, beautifully designed reports that tell a story for easy analysis and efficient decision-making.  Quickly make changes with Beekin’s intuitive workflows.

Ralph Pickett

What Beekin is doing, using Big Data and machine learning to improve operations, is the biggest opportunity for real estate.

Ralph Pickett, Former CEO and President of LivCor

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