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LeaseMax™: The Most Advanced Revenue Management Software for Multifamily Rentals

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Optimize rental pricing by 150%

Navigating rental pricing can be intricate, yet LeaseMax simplifies the process. Revenue, asset, and property managers are enhancing apartment and house pricing by up to 150% compared to conventional methods. Drawing insights from millions of lease transactions, LeaseMax’s cutting-edge models continuously evolve, ensuring optimal rental pricing strategies. Supported by robust data analytics, our lease pricing software consistently delivers tangible results, whether managing a modest portfolio or overseeing extensive holdings. Experience an NOI growth potential of up to 400bps with LeaseMax at your side.

LeaseMax - Optimize Multifamily and Single-Family Rents
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Supercharge forecasting with Big Data and AI

Leverage LeaseMax’s sophisticated machine learning models to precisely predict revenue and occupancy rates. Harness the power of our AI-driven data analytics to drive smarter, more informed business decisions in multifamily real estate.

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes with automation

LeaseMax offers a scalable solution adept at streamlining the intricate task of determining rental prices across vast portfolios of apartments and homes. Our software serves as the central hub for revenue management, seamlessly automating laborious manual procedures and reducing pricing-related time commitments by up to 66%. This efficiency empowers you to divert attention to other critical facets of your business, confident that LeaseMax is diligently optimizing prices behind the scenes to bolster revenue streams. No longer will your site teams need to spend countless hours entering data manually into outdated software. 

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Increase resident retention with next-gen behavioral analytics

Unlock the potential for heightened resident retention with advanced behavioral analytics. By delving into resident behavior, LeaseMax discerns patterns indicative of lease renewal likelihood, enabling strategic allocation of marketing resources. When paired with top-tier price optimization, our lease renewal optimization software becomes a catalyst for substantial NOI expansion.

Easy to implement integrations with your existing software

Seamlessly integrating with established platforms like Yardi, RealPage, and Entrata, LeaseMax ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to leverage familiar tools. By incorporating LeaseMax’s cutting-edge price optimization and behavioral analytics, elevate your existing toolkit to embrace the forefront of multifamily rental housing revenue management.

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Join operators of thousands of multifamily rental properties, in adding $25-$200/ annually per home.

Ralph Pickett

What Beekin is doing, using Big Data and machine learning to improve operations, is the biggest opportunity for real estate.

Ralph Pickett, Former CEO and President of LivCor

Frequently Asked Questions

The approach involves strategically setting rental prices based on various factors to maximize revenue potential.

Unlike traditional methods, this approach utilizes huge sets of data and AI algorithms to adjust prices dynamically, considering demand, seasonality, and market trends.

The benefits of using LeaseMax for your multifamily revenue management include increased revenue, improved occupancy rates, enhanced resident satisfaction, and operational efficiency through automated processes. 

It empowers them to make informed decisions, leading to better financial performance, reduced vacancies, and a competitive edge. No more spending hours in front of data only to second guess potential outcomes. 

Technology provides tools for data analysis, pricing optimization, and performance tracking, enabling proactive decision-making. 

It uses behavioral analytics to identify potential lease renewals, enabling targeted retention efforts and personalized pricing strategies.

Beekin aggregates information on 15 million multifamily apartments and single family rentals from third party sources.

In addition, we append data on neighborhoods effectively adding 40+ additional factors for every property and area to come up with these answers.

Yes, it can be adapted to various property types and market segments, catering to diverse occupancy needs. Whether you manage multifamily apartments or single-family holiday rentals, LeaseMax is the tool for you. 

Yes, it’s scalable and can be tailored to the needs of both small-scale and large property owners.

When selecting a multifamily revenue management solution, it’s important to consider scalability, integration capabilities, ease of use, customer support, and industry track record.

By partnering with Beekin, you’ll align yourself with industry frontrunners in both multifamily and single-family revenue management.

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