Renters: Finding Greener Pastures?

We analyzed 6 million renters across 4 CBSAs to see if COVID had induced any changes to mobility, net migration, and home-ownership trends.

CBSARenters Tracked (2020)2015 Population2015 Annual Net Migration (All)
Philadelphia, PA1,386,0796,053,7201,894
Atlanta, GA1,458,7935,615,36453,768
Chicago, IL2,238,4629,557,294-36,047
San Diego, CA1,211,0373,265,70019,212
Overview of the CBSA’s analyzed

We broke the tracked renters, into 2 cohorts of movers, people moving before COVID and during COVID.

(a) 01 Nov’19 – 01 Mar’20 (Pre-COVID), figures in RED

(b) 01 Mar’20 – 01 Sept’20 (Post-COVID), figures in GREEN

Since the US national emergency was declared on 03/13, this cut-off date is a decent proxy for observing changes in behavior, employment and migration patterns.

The below is for analysis purposes and aims to find trends in renter behavior due to the pandemic.

Check 1: People did move Post-COVID, despite lockdown

% of renters who moved pre and post COVID. 50% more moved post-COVID

Check 2: More renters are buying homes than Pre-COVID

% of Renters who moved to be owners. 70% increase post-COVID

Check 3: In need for space, Apartment renters are not moving to Single Family Homes post-COVID

% of multifamily renters who moved to single family. No pronounced trend

Check 4: Incomes have dropped for renters

% of renters who saw a drop in income. Highest in Chicago and Philadelphia.
% of renters who saw a drop in income. Highest in Chicago and Philadelphia.

Check 5: Renters are moving to suburbs Post-COVID

Renters who moved 5km+. Highest in San Diego and Chicago

Top-5 Zips to Move to: Pre-COVID red, Post green

Chicago saw a lot of dispersion outside the city
Atlanta fared well, with a strong demand for inner-city pads
Philadelphia is seeing renters cross the bridge to NJ
San Diego: All quiet on the waterfront

Philadelphia, PA

Pre CovidNeighborhoodPost-CovidNeighborhood
19143Kingsessing08110Delair, NJ (suburb)
19130Fairmount District08009Berlin, NJ (suburb)
19103Center City08105Camden, NJ (suburb)
19146Point Breeze19525Gilbertsville, PA (suburb)
19139Haddington08102Pyne Point, NJ (suburb)

Atlanta, GA

Pre CovidAreaPost-CovidArea
30080Smyrna30336Fulton County
30349College Park30301Downtown
30083Stone Mountain30092Norcross
30096Duluth30248Locust Grove
30350Sandy Springs31119Buckhead

Chicago, IL

Pre CovidAreaPost-CovidArea
60657Lakeview60124Elgin (suburb)
60636W. Englewood60585Plainfield, IL (suburb)
60614Depaul60554Sugar Grove (suburb)

San Diego, CA

Pre CovidAreaPost-CovidArea
92109Pacific Beach91931Guatay, CA (suburb)
92104North Park92170Horton Plaza
92101Little Italy91905Boulevard, CA (suburb)
92107Point Loma Heights92175College East
92126Mira Mesa (suburb)92051Townsite

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TLDR: Renters are moving to suburbs, based on 6 million renters’ moves tracked over 12 months. Some wealthy renters are buying homes more aggressively.

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