Big Data Solutions For Top

Real Estate Performance

Beekin provides Big-data and AI powered solutions to help real estate investors transform operations. Our software solutions amplify resident retention, marketing and customer service for leading players in real estate.

Add More Precision To Your Decisions

Beekin applies data and algorithms to predict individual renter behavior and power more insightful operations, marketing, and customer service.

We ingest data from existing platforms, and interpret this by fusing it with our own data, to find patterns in your portfolio. And the result? Bulletproof decision-making, every time.

Understand your residents

Your customers leave a trail of data outside and inside your assets. Use this to understand and predict behavior.

Proprietary engine fuses your data with external data

By using thousands of datapoints on renters and reviews, with property and neighborhood data, we seperate the signal from the noise.

Manage an uncertain future

Once we predict, you can prescribe. Our applications help leasing, marketing and acquisitions.

Integrated into your workflows

Our software add-ons and API allow you to augment existing workflows, without hours of training.

This Is What Leaders In Real Estate Are Saying

With Beekin, it’s easy to drive performance based on what your data is telling you. Just ask for demo.