PRESS RELEASE: Beekin announces partnership with Green Street

Newport Beach, CA – Beekin Inc. (“Beekin”), a next-generation AI platform, announced a data partnership with Green Street, a leading commercial real estate intelligence and analytics provider.

Green Street will utilize Beekin’s nationwide asset-level rent models to augment market data solutions to institutional investors globally as part of this partnership.

Vidur Gupta, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Beekin, said: “We admire Green Street’s market-leading franchise for research, data, and analytics. In a tough market, transparency and efficiency are imperative and power better investment decisions. Against the backdrop of a housing crisis, investors are seeking answers to some very tough questions. We built Beekin with the belief that better information builds an efficient market. Every day, billions of dollars worth of real estate move closer to that outcome with Beekin’s solution suite.”

Andrew McCulloch, Head of Data and Analytics, commented: “Green Street strives to drive transparency and innovation in the real estate space, and to build analytical tools that help our clients make more informed capital allocation decisions. Beekin’s product innovation and excellence in machine learning stood out through our product discovery phase. In collaborating with Beekin, we reaffirm our commitment to bringing best-of-breed solutions to institutional real estate investors.”

About Beekin

Beekin is a next-generation AI platform for institutional investors and lenders to rental housing. By leveraging Big Data and advanced machine learning, Beekin’s patented solutions drive efficiency through better underwriting, better asset management, and measurable social impact across market rate, affordable, and workforce housing.

Beekin optimizes assets for Top-5 real estate asset managers, NMHC Top-10 operators, and lenders across the United States.

The Beekin team comprises former REIT executives, scientists from 7 of the top 20 research universities, and real estate investors. For more information, visit

Beekin Media Contact

Daniel Lee

Director of Marketing


About Green Street

Green Street is the preeminent provider of actionable commercial real estate research, news, data, analytics, and advisory services in the U.S. and Europe. For more than 35 years, Green Street has delivered unparalleled intelligence and trusted data on the public and private real estate markets, helping investors, banks, lenders, and other industry participants optimize investment and strategic decisions. The firm delivers exclusive market information, conclusion-driven insights, and predictive analytics through a SaaS platform. To learn more, please visit

Green Street Media Contact

Stacey Corso

PR Manager

(415) 672-6460

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