Powering the future of rental housing: Introducing the latest updates to LeaseMax and Ebby

Motivated by our goal to deliver user-centric solutions, we have integrated new features into both LeaseMax and Ebby. These enhancements reinforce our position at the forefront of Big Data in the rental housing industry.

Read on to learn about the exciting new updates we’ve introduced so far this year. 

LeaseMax 2023

Single-family Rentals

Using the latest in Bayesian statistics and machine learning, LeaseMax has expanded to single-family rentals (SFR). We have successfully replicated the functionalities of our multifamily platform for SFR, including:

  • Tailored renewal pricing for each home: leveraging more than 15 factors such as turns, new leasing, renewal propensity. LeaseMax has already increased retention by 300bps in a quarter
  • Adaptive lease pricing based on fluctuations and dynamic forecasting of market conditions
  • Access to a variety of leasing strategies by asset managers and COOs
  • A suite of detailed reporting services

And the proof is in the pudding – More than 15,000 single-family homes are embracing LeaseMax, and we continue to see rapid interest as the institutional market continues to explore optimization. 

Here’s a sneak peek of our multifamily LeaseMax demo:

API Integration

For a seamless integration of LeaseMax with your existing systems, we are now offering API access to LeaseMax. This feature is provided at no extra cost. We are putting the control of your data firmly in your hands, empowering you to personalize how you use our systems.

Lease Pricing Update

LeaseMax is now even more intuitive and user-friendly when it comes to new lease pricing. With our revamped lease pricing dashboard, you can:

  • Understand all the variables influencing a price recommendation.
  • Review, flag, or disregard recommendations.
  • Add or remove amenities and their associated prices.

So now you can conveniently tailor any floor plan, with any selection of amenities, and any move-in date, all with a simple click.

Strategic Adaptability

As market dynamics shift, your strategic approach must be adaptable. LeaseMax has now simplified this process. We are moving away from the outdated method of adjusting multiple parameters to achieve your two main goals – occupancy and rent growth.

Our newly introduced ‘Strategy’ tab allows you to switch between offensive and defensive tactics in real time. This pioneering feature is a first for the rental housing industry. It allows you to analyze, simulate, and implement your strategic objectives through our patented approach.

Future Improvements to LeaseMax

Here is a sneak peek of the future improvements and features coming to LeaseMax.

Enhanced Flexibility

We are refining LeaseMax to be more adaptable to your needs. Key updates will include simplified data extraction across various document formats and increased control over offers.

Our AI system will be readily available to handle your workload. For those preferring a hands-on approach, you will benefit from considerably improved and more granular control.

Continuous Upgrades

We remain committed to regularly updating our systems. Alongside increased flexibility, expect new insights, improved lease expiration management, and unique features that will elevate your experience with LeaseMax.

Improvements to Ebby

Ebby continues to evolve, with frequent additions to its dataset delivering improved coverage and accuracy. Incorporating diverse inputs is standard procedure for us, ensuring our system continually improves.

As for new features, we are thrilled to announce the introduction of a confidence score for our automated valuations. Now, when you search for any floor plan across the United States, you will see not only the median value and likely ranges but also the degree of deviation in the pricing of local units.

In case you were unable to attend our recent webinar, we showcased several new features:

  • Using Ebby for new development deals.
  • Applying Ebby in secondary markets where no comparables exist.
  • How the Build-to-Rent sector can benefit from Ebby.

And more exciting features are on the horizon!

We believe these updates and enhancements will significantly improve your experience with LeaseMax and Ebby. As always, we value your feedback, so please do let your customer success manager know how you get on with our new features!

Do you want to see how our AI solutions can take your rental housing business to the next level? Reach out to our team by emailing and we’ll schedule in a personalized demo.

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