Interview with Vidur Gupta, Founder & CEO at Beekin

In a recent interview with CityBiz, Beekin CEO Vidur Gupta delved into a variety of topics, spanning from multifamily revenue management solutions to reflections on his early career.
This is Vidur Gupta, the Founder and CEO of Beekin, an AI-powered revenue management platform that helps investors and property managers.

Vidur Gupta is Founder and CEO of Beekin, an AI-powered data platform for apartments and rental homes. Prior to starting Beekin, Vidur worked for 15 years in investment banking and private equity with Deutsche Bank and HIG Capital ($59 billion AUM). He was an executive at Blackstone and Goldman Sachs backed Fintech, focused on consumer lending.

The CEO’s frustration as an investor in real estate led to the creation of Beekin, a revenue management platform that uses AI and data to improve the investment market.

“Beekin was born out of my personal frustration as an investor,” says Vidur. “Think Moneyball for rental housing.”

Discover the story behind Vidur’s creation of the AI-powered multifamily revenue management system, and how it makes the lives of investors and property managers more convenient. 

Check out the full CityBiz interview here.

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