• Optimize renewals and drive higher profits from expiring leases.

Renewal Offers That Think About The Resident, For You

A tough market calls for keeping “heads in beds” and intelligent renewal offers. Welcome LeaseMax™ which uses AI and data from your property management system to do this for you. With LeaseMax™ you can create renewal offers meant to increase retention rates or drive rent growth. Based on the market, lease rates and most importantly, resident behavior.

The LeaseMax™ system seamlessly ingests data from ERP systems and computes pricing offers delivered via software or an API. LeaseMax™ is delivering real-world results for asset managers, regional managers and property managers. With each LeaseMax™ offer, you get the power of AI trained on 35+ million renters, 250,000 lease outcomes, and decades of machine learning research. Methods used by the likes of Netflix and Google, available for the first time in multifamily and single-family.

Intelligent renewal offers

Use behavior analytics, market conditions and velocity to keep heads in beds and extract vital rent growth from renewals.

Built with compliance in mind

We don’t discriminate based on protected classes and work in rent-controlled regimes. As the market changes, we have your back.

Proven results

LeaseMax outperforms established revenue management systems by double digits on both rent growth and retention.

Intuitive workflow or API based

Renewal offers can be updated through an intuitive workflow. No more phonecalls, guessing expirations. All taken care of.

With Beekin, it’s easy to drive performance based on what your data is telling you. Just ask for demo.