Graphics showing revenue management analytics and large multifamily units

Instant Rental Valuations for Smarter Transactions

Ebby is a more accurate rental valuation API for multifamily apartments and single-family homes. Now integrated with Buildium to match your flow. Let acquisition and asset management teams synthesize and analyze rent in nanoseconds. Make offers based on predictive automated valuation models

Graphics showing revenue management analytics and large multifamily units
Graphic of a property manager analyzing multifamily apartments using Beekin's AI revenue management platform

Don't simply compete, outcompete the market

Ebby AI model leverages demographic, area, and transactional rent data from various real estate sources which allows your organization to be up to 60% more accurate than any competitor with superior precision.

Easy Integration

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Beekin's pricing estimates for "Sunrise Residence", taken from Ebby the revenue management platform for multifamily investors and property managers

Provide us coordinates or property address with information about property type, square feet, beds and baths. You can enter data manually or upload an excel spreadsheet. We will generate a price range for you with additional information about forecast deviation and confidence

Join operators of thousands of rental properties, in adding $25-$200/ annually per home.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best things in life, sadly, are not free! There is an additional cost depending on your portfolio size. It starts at an introductory price which is as low as $10 monthly. Contact us to learn more!

Beekin generates market rent updated automatically every month inside Buildium. Think of this as an automatic market survey of all your apartments , single family homes, condos or townhomes as relevant. All updated within Buildium.  

Manual surveys take between 2-20 hours weekly to complete, and are error prone – think lots of calls and messy spreadsheets.

Beekin takes away this manual effort by providing a highly accurate rent estimate, with no human intervention. Save hours and generate better leases.

Setting renewal rent offers requires a lot of manual work by owners, judgment, multiple phone calls and lots of spreadsheets. In a tough market this can cause portfolio loss, through longer downtime between leases, not being able to retain renters and costs incurred while turning a unit.

With the right rent estimate, renew confidently and generate hundreds in higher income per home.

Yes we cover all of these, nationwide. Thousands of Buildium units are already benefiting from it!

Existing services provide you with lots of data reports. Usually this data is incorrect, not updated and requires you to second guess everything, effectively duplicating it manually. All costs you your time, which is money.

With the right estimate you have the answer available in milliseconds, saving time and making more money.

These values have been back tested by investors, large institutional research groups and Beekin data science. They are highly accurate versus any other commercially available rent estimator tool. 

Beekin aggregates information on 15 million apartment, single family rentals from third party sources.

In addition, we append data on neighborhoods effectively adding 40+ additional factors for every property and area to come up with these answers.

These values are updated monthly. More frequent updates are available at an additional cost. Contact sales for more information.


Contact sales for discussing your portfolio and we can get you started in minutes.

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