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About Beekin

Beekin is a next-generation real estate analytics platform. Our solutions allow your organization to outcompete in the market. By leveraging Big Data and AI you can increase NOI, improve resident retention, and maximize asset value.

Beekin has delivered precision, automation, and alpha for some of the smartest real estate investors, developers, lenders, and operators with its intuitive and easy-to-use platform built for multifamily and single-family units. With Beekin, the future has arrived. 

Graphic of a real estate investor using AI rental pricing and revenue management systems for single-family rentals
Our solutions

Optimize pricing, predict resident loyalty, measure social impact, and maximize asset values

Panelist discussion

Predicting Turnover: Using AI to Solve a $50 Billion Problem

Aaron Maas
Executive VP of Asset Management at Olive Tree Holdings
Robin Flagler
Robin Flagler
Ex-President of AION Management
Jill Lesher
Head of Asset Management Jonathan Rose Companies

Topic Overview
Turnover costs the US multifamily industry more than $50 billion a year, but property companies have no way to predict who will move out. This leads to higher vacancy rates, higher lead-generation costs, and increased inefficiencies. Multifamily companies already have the data they need to pinpoint who is most likely to move out, but they don’t have systems to capture and analyze that information. Artificial Intelligence can “crack the code” by looking at everything from payment patterns to maintenance requests to predict turnover long before residents give notice. This creates a ripple effect in which uncertainty (and costs) are reduced.

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June 20, 3:30PM