Better renewal of high scores
vs lowest scores

Industry-First Resident "No-walk Score"™

By analysing macro and micro data on sentiment, messages, work-orders and demographics we are able to understand renter behavior. Our models then deliver a prediction of what customers are likely to do - stay or pay.

Customers with high no-walk scores are 80% more likely to stay than those with low scores. Decades of research, trained on 250,000 lease outcomes, at your fingertips in a matter of hours.

Here’s how leading real estate operators are using this insight in operations.



Higher retention



Higher rent growth

Optimize renewals and operate at the ideal intersection of retention and rent growth.



Higher engagement in SEM



Better intent to move

Discover hyper-targeted renter leads modeled after your best renters

With Beekin, it’s easy to drive performance based on what your data is telling you. Just ask for demo.