• Discover hyper-targeted renter leads modeled after your best renters

Find more of your best residents with LeadMax™

Asset managers and marketing teams are spending too much time sourcing high quality leads, under pressure to optimize costs as they struggle with a lack of high quality residents.

That’s where LeadMax™ shines. It was developed to be a highly personalized resident prospect list, helping asset managers run more effective audience development campaigns and source better leads for multi-channel campaigns. In other words, it enables you to find the right renters who stay longer.

But Does It Really Work?

Leadmax™ delivers leads that are 300% more engaged versus established companies. It does this through a proprietary algorithm that tells you who your next best residents are. It analyzes multiple data sets, applying AI to create a profile of your optimal customer based on existing residents, and then automatically generates a lookalike, hyper-targeted audience list you can use via direct mail or social media audiences.

You save time and money while exponentially boosting your potential returns.

A Better Approach To Prospecting

Don’t waste money on blind marketing campaigns. Use third party data with our algorithms, to hyper target likely movers.

Accurate Audience Definition

Stop guessing who your prospects are. Find better leads that resemble your loyal residents.

Unbiased Audience Targeting

Use the power of algorithms to get access to a broader, better audience, free of biases.

Higher Rate Of Prospect Success

Increase your success rates by approaching only those prospects that fit your goals and needs.

With Beekin, it’s easy to drive performance based on what your data is telling you. Just ask for demo.